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multimedia keyboard problem- I need help and don't know where to post

I had a virus, had to reformat the drive so any DELL progs are gone.  I have old Dimension 8300 with "Dell multimedia Wireless Desktop" - keyboard & mouse, the problem is the HOTKEYS don't work any more...Mail, My Computer, Calculator, the video keys & internet keys.  The rest of the keyboard works fine & I don't use the wireless mouse, I use a wired Microsoft tracball .

The keyboard model = RT7D40

I don't have a warranty any longer and I am out of work so I don't have $89 for a 1 time tech support fix.  I never received a separate cd when I got my pc back in 2003 for the keyboard but I have all the other cd's but none are a driver resource or contain "DELLTOUCH".  I searched the web and found a "Delltouch" exe file but it doesn't configure my keyboard.  I have read that the Delltouch has an option to reset the hotkeys to original state, I believe the option is Dimension.exe 

I got a download of delltouch ver 2.1 but seems not to be correct.

So I am looking for some direction from real folks, not Dell techs, because they can't do anything for free to help me.

Can anyone PLEASE help an unemployed guy out with this so I can get the full keyboard to work again.

Also, will a logitech driver work for this problen as I don't have any idea who really is the manufacturer of the keyboard.

Thanks in advance for your responses,


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Re: multimedia keyboard problem- I need help and don't know where to post

See if loading this helps.

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