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Anyway able to configure federated AG backups

Hi All

We are having issues configuing Always on SQL 2012 AG group federated backups

NW server 8.1.1

NMM 3.0 SP1

SQL 2012 -we have cluster on one side and standalone read only server on other side trying to configure AG backups federated from Stand alone read only server .

From NW console-

43708:(pid 11020):Start time: Wed Feb 12 22:14:42 2014
43621:(pid 11020):Computer Name: XXXX     User Name: XXXX

100224:(pid 11020):Unable to proceed backup. Unsupported saveset specified
43709:(pid 11020):Stop time: Wed Feb 12 22:14:46 2014

Unable to find any full backups of the save set the media database. Performing a full backup.

From client side-


nsrsqlsv.exe -s xxxxxx -l diff "xxxxxxxxxx"

43708:(pid 4292):Start time: Wed Feb 12 22:17:42 2014

43621:(pid 4292):Computer Name: xxxxxxx User Name:xxxxxxx

97546:(pid 4292):Back up of xxxxxwill be excluded as it is part of Availability group. It can be backed up using SQL federated workflow.

29211:(pid 4292):At least 1 valid backup target is required------- i tried other DB backups and its working only AG DB are not working

43709:(pid 4292):Stop time: Wed Feb 12 22:18:01 2014

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Re: Anyway able to configure federated AG backups

Hi Deepu,

Have you done this?:

To perform backups of secondary replicas by using NMM 3.0 SP1, set the Readable Secondary option of SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn configuration to “Yes.” Enable this option for the primary and the secondary replicas, because during failover of an availability group, the secondary replicas become primary and vice versa.

Have you provided the required SQL permissions as per documentation?

Can you please give us some more information about the client configuration?

Did you use Client Wizard to create it? If so, did you select type the FQDN of the Virtual SQL server to create the client instances?

Also, what is the backup command you are using? Remember that with NMM/VDI, to specify the virtual server namr you have to use -A FQDN_virtual_SQL_server

Thank you,


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Re: Anyway able to configure federated AG backups

Configure the client using the windows cluster name, this is a requirement in case of federated SQL 2012 backup.

also make sure that the account you are using for backup on Active node has permissions over the passive node.

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