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CLP License Networker Base enable disabled


i get this error on a Linux backup server, with Networker 

Any idea how to enable it? And why it appeared? 

Any idea would be appreciated.




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Obviously you have upgraded your server but you have not executed all steps as required.

Entering a license (enabler) is only the first step - you must authorize it in the end.

  1. Get in touch with Dell/EMC licensing and request the authorization code, providing the sales details and the hostid for this server.

  2.  Do not only file the returned code but also enter it in the auth code field for this server. Your server will be re-enabled immediately.



Thanks for your answer. I opened a case to EMC today and hope i will have someone assigned on it soon.

The sales details-i have no idea, but with the rest, i can handle.

i will let be back with update, thanks again.

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