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DD Boost devices and multihomed choice


I'm using NW at the moment with several DDs (mostly 890).  My setup usually involves 3 VLANs:

- front-end VLAN

- back-end VLAN (old)

- back-end VLAN (new)

I use DD boost devices over back-end VLAN (2 boxes for old VLAN env and 4 boxes for new one).  When I check connections on DD with ddboost show conn I see many hosts, but none which only has front-end VLAN.  This makes sense of course as they can't traverse to back-end VLAN, but now question is how to make those clients use DD Boost?

I assume one could just define additional devices using front-end devices - I do not like this as I do not wish to create additional devices only that client knows where to send data.

Second could be creating ifgroups, but I need to understand how does this impact current setup (I assume it is not pure create ifgroup and poof it works) and how would that work from workflow point of view.

So, I'm hoping there is something third I'm missing - what is your experience with this and how do you manage it?

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Re: DD Boost devices and multihomed choice


Assuming back-end VLAN (old) and back-end VLAN (new) IP address are different , Am i right?

A simple way is to update the hosts file of those 4 clients with  back-end VLAN (new) IP address.


2 Clients which Uses back-end VLAN (old) IP datadomain datadomain.domain.com

4 Clients which Uses back-end VLAN (new) IP datadomain datadomain.domain.com



Hari Prakash.K.S

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Re: DD Boost devices and multihomed choice

Hi Hari,

Clients using old VLAN use old VLAN to access DD (backend).  Same goes for new VLAN (backend).  This is not a problem.

All my DD devices are defined either via old VLAN or new VLAN which is also ok (I have 2 storage nodes with old VLAN and 4 with new one) - that's ok too.

Problem is front-end only clients.  They will check which devices are connected on SN and see if they can communicate with any of those, but they won't as front-end can't communicate with back-end of course.  So, my question is related to those clients only (clients using back-end are not an issue here).

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