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How to stop backups running for a single client

Hi All,

          I want to stop the backup for a single client that is running in a group. the group has close to 80 clients confgiured,in that i want to stop backup for one particular client, is there any command for that or if i stop the nsr services on the client system will that be enough to stop the backup.



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Re: How to stop backups running for a single client

Hi Pratap.

Stopping the services on the client should suffice (this is what is recommended on pg 50 of the latest admin guide).  How you do this depends on the operating system in use.  Here's what that recommends for Windows for instance (other OSs have different steps you'll find in the guide):

Stopping and starting a NetWorker server, client, or storage node

Stop a NetWorker host on Windows

To stop a server, client, or storage node:

1. Log in as a Windows Administrator.

2. Right-click My Computer and select Manage.

3. Expand Services and Applications and select Services.

4. Right-click NetWorker Remote Exec Service (nsrexecd) and select Stop.

What I often do for my laptop which is backed up by NetWorker, if a backup starts, but I don't want it to run at that point, I use Windows Task Manager to end the Save.exe process(es) which stops the backup for me for that day.

- Eric