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Do 6248 switches require reboot after configuration changes?

We have 2 of these switches stacked,  connected to another stand alone 6228, we created VLANs and configured routing and all was good. i then deleted a vlan although later had to create it again.

The switch would not recognise the VLAN so i decdided to reload the switch and all was good the VLAN was there and functioning correctly.

Today i added new links and configured STP, the configuration seemed fine to me but when pinging a host a packet would drop every 10-15 pings.

I messed about with spanning tree for a while and go no where so i went back to my original STP config, the same issue occured dropped packets.

I decided again to reload the switch, switch boots up and its all good?????


Any ideas why this is the case surely the switch should process the changes withought reload?

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Re: Do 6248 switches require reboot after configuration changes?

The switches do not require a reboot after configuration changes. I am not positive why this stack would experience this behavior. But one thing that I would make sure of, is that both switches on the stack are on the same, current, firmware. This will help ensure that the stack runs and communicates smoothly.


Keep us updated.


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