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0xc0150004 error

Hi, It's now a week since I asked for help from Dell. My new Inspiron 1545 has never been on the internet (so it's not contaminated from there) and refuses to install simple software without a 0xc0150004 error. Any help would be much appreciated.   

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Re: 0xc0150004 error

You should connect to the Internet so you can install the latest security updates from Microsoft. New computers are usually at least a month behind on those. Are you sure the laptop has the hardware to run Paintshop Pro? That can require heavy duty hardware. Also the software version might not be compatible with Vista. Check at the maker's site to be sure. You might need a newer version or you might not be able to use it at all. If all software that can run on Vista refuses to install, contact Support again.

Edit: I found this info on the web:


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Re: 0xc0150004 error

Hi, also have a new Inspiron 545 desktop from Dell. Have experienced the same 0xc0150004 error and even after much help from Dell problem is not solved. I also hope there is someone out there that has some ideas. I hooked to internet and had all the updates before trying to install and use my internet provider's security software. I also tried to install AVG security without any success.

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