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KM717 keyboard and mouse connection problems

When I first got the KM717 set, the keyboard and mouse both connected fine, exactly as the manual said they should. I then paired them with another computer via bluetooth - that worked. But, returning the switches to the Dell Universal option and powering on the original machine - the keyboard won't connect. 

The white light is flashing at the back of the keyboard. I've tried removing it in the Dell Universal Receiver Control panel and re-pairing following the instructions, but it hasn't worked. I've rebooted Windows 10 more than once, and put the USB dongle in a variety of different USB ports, all to no avail. 

Any advice very welcome. Thanks!

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I had the same problem with km717 mouse & keyboard, done so many things including wrestling with device manager, reinstalling drivers and spent a lot of time and energy... Finally, I accidentally found out that the solution was simple.


For the keyboard, press down the Bluetooth button right next to power switch, for a while (3 seconds?) until the light starts to blink. Be sure that the device selector(?) is setted to 2B or 3B (for Bluetooth). The light does not blink when you just shortly press it, but it just turns on and turns off after a couple of seconds. )


Now, the device will show up in your Windows Bluetooth connecting panel.


The same thing works for the mouse. press down at the device selecting button at 2B or 3B for a while, longer than 3 seconds, until it blinks. Then it will show up in the Windows Bluetooth connecting panel. 


Hope this works...



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I have the exact same problem. I connected to a second device via bluetooth and now the ability to use the Dell USB receiver fails. I can pair using bluetooth by wiping the bluetooth pair as the other poster stated but nothing brings back the Dell USB function. Will be sending the unit back as using the keyboard in 100% bluetooth mode is too slow for fast typing - it misses keys.




I just got my Alienware notebook and this keyboard/mouse combo.  The mouse and keyboard worked for a few minutes and then there was nothing.  I had to go into the bluetooth settings on the computer and turn off and back on bluetooth.  This keeps happening.  Also when I try to pair them to the computer the computer keeps asking for a 6 digit number to pair the keyboard but there is no place to put it.

Anyone else have this issue?????

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I had the similar issue with my WK717 Keyboard and mouse ,and I have found a solution to it. You will have to download Dell Universal Receiver control panel software from Dell's support website and while having the receiver plugged in, re-add the keyboard to the receiver. 

This actually fixed the connection issue for me. Let me know if this fixes the issue for you


Thanks for the fix. I am trying to do the same but I am not clear how to re-add the keyboard to the receiver. I downloaded the software and installed it, but I can't see anything new in the device manager. Could you clarify how to re-add the keyboard?


Here is a thread that laid out how to get the software.


You can download the Control Panel from here:


An article explaining vaguely how to accomplish the repairing is here:


The software explains it well enought but when you have the control panel open it'll tell you to turn off the keyboard and then hold any key and turn it on. After 3 seconds it should ask to pair up. If you don't have the control panel I have no idea if it'll pair automagically.

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Just use combination of two keys when turning keyboard on "Esc" + "~" to put it into pairing mode. 

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Try resetting all Bluetooth pairing, power off the device, hold ESC and the key directly below, in my case was ` but I have an AU/US-International Layout.



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