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Modem works with AT&T not AOL?

Hi, My I4K with Agere Win Modem can connect with AT&T dialup but Not with AOL!The Dell & AOL modem diagnostic does not recognize the modem.However, it connects with AT& Does this prove the Modem is functional or not?Or, does AOL9 dialup have particular ways to work with the Agere Win Modem?Has anyone had this or similar issue?Thanks.Ron 

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Contact AOL since you know that the modem itself works because you are able to connect to AT&T without a problem.

Thank you for choosing Dell.

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Right - you are having a problem with AOL because they use a propriatary dialer, and AT&T may have overwritten it.  Dell diagnostics will not work on the modem once you use an Agere driver.  BTW, I have the 8.30 driver linked below for that modem - it is the latest.
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Hi & Thanks for(both) your reply. I'll try again to deal with AOL tech.Although, they don't want to accept that AOL9 could be at fault.If you have any other info to further my cause, I'd be most appreciative.I've purchased another modem(3Com),but don't want to install it for the wrong reason & result!



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