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Dell Pen PN579X, using on Dell Canvas 27?

I have a Dell Pen PN579X. Trying to use on Dell Canvas 27. The Canvas works, finger touch works. The pen buttons work, but the stylus cannot be made to work on the screen for love or money. Reloaded drivers, changed between AES and MPP mode...nothing! Any suggestions of a methodical step by step install that will overcome any latent driver glitches etc. ?

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Re: Dell Pen PN579X, using on Dell Canvas 27?

Click my name and private message me the Dell Canvas 27 service tag number.

Does the Pen that shipped with the Dell Canvas 27 work?

The $79.99 Dell Canvas Pen (MV211) states, "Designed for Dell Canvas 27".

The $94.99 Dell Premium Active Pen PN579X (977RK) does not list the Dell Canvas 27 in its "Compatibility" section.