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Can't find PSU BIST button on Dell Optiplex 755

My Dell Optiplex 755 has been facing a problem recently whivh may be a power supply issue. When I try to turn on the PC, the light on the power button blinks amber.


 I've read a few articles about this and It may be due to issue in power supply. I've read that the Built-in power supply self test button is usually found near the power cable input socket or can be seen inside the computer chassis, I can't find it anywhere though.




 There is just the back side of a screw where the buttpn should be and some red thing that says 250V next to it.

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Re: Can't find PSU BIST button on Dell Optiplex 755

The BIST is not on every model.

Your power supply is bad.

It would be best to buy a 755 tower and transfer your hard drive to that.

The reason is that the tower can take non proprietary power supply.

This one comes with windows 10 and costs less than windows.



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