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Did Dell sell me a computer too weak to power?

So I'm having a continuous problem where 2 of my 3 screens go black, and the remaining screen freezes, forcing a reboot.  I've exhausted testing hardware, we replaced one of the graphics cards, still no juice, same problems, Dell can't figure it out.  My research indicates not enough power is being supplied, so I did a little calculating.

  • 7080 Small Form Factor
  • Intel i9
  • 2 AMD Radeon's
  • 2TB M.2
  • 128GB memory

This build isn't even possible on the current "build your own" wizard.  They no longer let you put 2 GPU's in it, and they max the ram out at 64. 

After using a few different calculators online, this config should be drawing 400+ watts.  The power supply on this machine is 200 watts. That's what it came with and there was no options for something stronger.  I'm thinking my issues is the power supply, and at the time, my impossible build someone was made possible, and it's not possible anymore.

This could be why my computer is constantly crashing, right?

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ReRe: Did Dell sell me a computer too weak to power?

Re: there was no options for something stronger

you can upgrade to 360W psu for 7080 tower.  the tower and SFF use same TFX form factor psu with 6 pin + 2x4 pin.  you can call Dell sales to see if they can sell you a 7080 tower psu of 360W.  If not try to get one from third party vendor.

the 360W psu has one 6 pin PCIe connector.

the top psu for this model is 500w with 6 pin + 8 pin PCIe connector.

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Re: ReRe: Did Dell sell me a computer too weak to power?

@redxps630  these models DO NOT use "TFX form factor " and the proprietary 6 pin connector is NOT EPS or ATX or TFX.

TFX is Much larger and DOES NOT Physically FIT.




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Re: ReRe: Did Dell sell me a computer too weak to power?

Thanks for the comments, everyone, but my question is...can we confirm that the configuration I described is a mis-configuration?   Dell should have not sold me a 400+ watt machine with a 200 watt power supply, correct?

I'm asking because this machine is brand new, and after spending close to $3000, I want a working machine, but need some experts to confirm that this configuration I described is indeed a recipe for failure...



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Re: ReRe: Did Dell sell me a computer too weak to power?


It honestly sounds like you're trying to blame the manufacturer for the lack of buyer's due diligence.  It's the purchaser's responsibility to ensure their machine's power supply has enough juice in it to power what they need, or what they're going to purchase,  not the vendor's. They have no idea what you're going to use it for/put in/take out/modify/etc...if that's not your intent or mindset, apologies, but that's really how it reads here.

So far that I know, Dell has NEVER marketed any Optiplex series on the ability to handle 2 graphics cards worth of power output.  If you have an ad, promotion or an article stating as such, I'd certainly like to see it.  Especially not for the SFF form factor.  You may be better suited for a MT form factor and a larger PSU option pool, or branching out to other product lines like Precision or Alienware for your needs.

Also, if you're running three monitors, ask yourself if you really need two graphics cards.  Today's GPUs can handle a lot more than you might think, and SLI bridging is a fast fading fad.  Maybe your current machine can handle the best single video card for its' architecture.

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