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PowerEdge 750 memory upgrade - Registered or Non-registered?

Looking to upgrade the memory in my PE 750 to the 4GB max.

I get that it takes 1GB PC3200 ECC 128x72 CL3 unbuffered DDR 400 184-pin RAM.

What I would like to know is:

1) Can it take PC3200R? (not sure what the "R" is. registered?)

2) Can it take Registered, or only Non-registered RAM?


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Re: PowerEdge 750 memory upgrade - Registered or Non-registered?

 The memory modules must be PC-3200 compliant.

You can upgrade the system memory by installing combinations of 256-, 512-MB, and 1-GB unbuffered memory modules.

Unbuffered memory (or unregistered memory) is RAM where there is no hardware register between the memory controller and the RAM chips. Unbuffered memory is the opposite of registered memory.

So, stick with 3200 unbuffered memory.

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