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T310 amber light - how to read the LED codes

Our Poweredge T310 (without the LCD screen) is running Windows Server 2008 and has a solid amber light on panel.  I viewed the 4 lights as I rebooted but they all went on in various combinations throughout the booting process.    How do I tell which one is the error code?

I don't have a lot of experience in working with servers.  Any help is appreciated.


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The solid amber light on the system panel is indicative of a system fault. Is there any code displayed a long with this amber light?  You may check the hardware, or system logs for errors related to this amber light. You can also use OpenManage Server Administrator, OMSA to check for the same logs. Take note of the logs and then clear them. Does the amber light go OFF?

Generally, the four lights on the front panel are system diagnostic indicators which display error codes during system startup. The table below lists the causes and possible corrective actions associated with these codes. A highlighted circle indicates the light is ON, a non-highlighted circle indicates the light is OFF.

Ignore the light sequence during POST and only consider the displayed light code after this process.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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There is no code displayed along with the amber light.  None of the numbers stay lit after the boot sequence.  I don't know where to locate the hardware or system logs, etc or what OMSA is.  I guess that is what I need help with.

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OMSA is a web based application tool used to manage Dell Servers. Using OMSA, you can perform proactive system monitoring, system diagnosis, troubleshoot hardware issues and configure RAID etc.  You can also view and manage hardware and system logs. You can install OMSA to achieve all these benefits.

What operating system are you running on your server? 

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Now light is blinking.

We are running Windows Server 2008

Can I download  OMSA from internet?  Will it work with that OS?

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Yes you can. See links below for the appropriate version based on your Windows OS.

For Windows-32 bits: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=6XJTF

For Windows-64 bits: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=20V28


Once installed you can view the hardware and system logs related to the blinking amber light.

Let me know what you see.

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