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update our sever firmware

Hi All,

we have two servers both used for backup .

one of them is poweredge 2900 and I want to find out the following :

1.Can I get a software which can help me check and configure the raid on windows rather than bios ?

I think our raid version is 5.1 .

2. I am trying to update the firmware and bios but looking at dell website there are tons and tons of firmware so I am not sure which ones is applicable to our server even though I am looking at poweredge 2900 with our service tag number.

for instance there is firmware upgrade for tape tl2000 which is confusing me as that needs to be under the tape drive support so why am I seeing it under the power edge ? how can the server update the firmware of the library ? 

I used the suu luncher but that made me even more confuse as there is a list iof things to update most of which do not exist on our server such as sas controller etc ?

I appreciate your help on advising how I can go about installing these firmware

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