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iDrac Virtual NIC MAC conflict


I installed new WS2012R2 server on our PowerEdge R540 server. Problem is that, some iDrac Virtual NIC appears in a list of NICs and this adapter has the same MAC as physical adapter:

name                                                       MacAddress                                                
----                                                       ----------                                                
NIC2                                                       D0-94-66-74-67-BC                                         
NIC1                                                       D0-94-66-74-67-BB                                         
SLOT 6 Port 2                                              B0-26-28-14-F5-ED                                         
SLOT 6 Port 1                                              B0-26-28-14-F5-EC                                         
SLOT 5 Port 2                                              B0-26-28-14-F5-E3                                         
SLOT 5 Port 1                                              B0-26-28-14-F5-E2                                         
vEthernet (BackupExec LAN)                                 B0-26-28-14-F5-E2                                         
iDrac Virtual NIC                                          D0-94-66-74-67-B8                                         
Management Team                                            D0-94-66-74-67-BB                                         
BackupExec Team                                            B0-26-28-14-F5-E2                                         
IntranetLAN Team                                           B0-26-28-14-F5-EC 
iDRAC93.21.23.22 (Build 7)


Is it possible to remove this iDrac Virtual NIC from this list or do we need it for some compatibility/support reasons ? Or Can I safely change MAC for this adapter in a configuration tab?

I am not sure, but looks that this is causing short outages of the server in our env. Ping goes up for a few seconds up till timed out, then it returns back to normal ~1ms. It happens on this server only and very rarely.. ~1-3 times per day, so I believe that this is not related to a switch


many thanks for help !

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Re: iDrac Virtual NIC MAC conflict

This is pass-through NIC configured by iDRAC.  You can get more details on this interface from below link. This interface is also used if you have iSM (iDRAC Service Module) installed on the server. You can login to iDRAC and disable "OS to iDRAC Pass-through" feature to disable this NIC. This setting is available in "iDRAC Settings -> Connectivity -> OS to iDRAC Pass-through" page of iDRAC





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