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I am using dell powervault nx3100 nas. now i found disk 01 failed at raid 1. In my system there are 2 raids , 1 is raid 5 and another 1 is raid 1. Can someone help me explain how to change hdd step by step for raid 1.

my next problem is, controller id0 battery failed. my raid controller id is perc h700 integrated. when i find the battery with this controller name, i cant find. can someone help me how to find this controller battery.


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RE: dell powervault nx3100

Hello Sta79,
You will want to offline the drive first if it is not already offline. You will need to use either OMSS or the PERC bios, to view the virtual disk raid.  After the drive has been replaced you will need to ensure that it is rebuilding & completes 100%.  Once the virtual disk is rebuilt to 100% then you will want to replace the PERC battery. Here is the Dell part# DFJRV for a replacement PERC battery.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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