Cleaning Issue

My Tapelibrary (Dell Powervault TL2000) has a feature called 'Automatic cleaning' which means it runs cleaning jobs whenever it thinks it's necessary. This feature works only, if there is a reserve cleaning slot (Res)) reserved for a cleaning tape. Do you think that this in fact could be a firmware issue and if it what firmware I shoud update?
Yes I have slot 23 *Res* for the cleaning tape properly label CLNU00L1. The media we start using was Dell Ultrium LTO 5 but we have this cleaning issue since day one and all our tape have the barcode label on it. We currently have a bootcode firmware revision 0.80
Library Mode: Random
Active Slots: 22
Reserve slot 1
Logical Library 1
Drive 1
Moves: 2505
Total Power on Time : 51 days, 22 hours and 51 minutes
Barcode Reader: SE625
Product ID 3573-TL
Library Firmware B.20 /3.10e
About the library firmware there is a *Urgent* new firmware on Dell website is B.20 A17 but i am not certain if the one I actually have is up-to-date but again my main concerned is about how we can made this tape library auto-clean without me or my boss do the manual cleaning. Thank you.
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Re: Cleaning Issue

Hello Milton,

Can I get you to run me a drive dump from the TL2000 so I can look at the drive to make sure that there are no issues with the drive.  You can run the drive dump from the web utility by going to Service Library MenuSave drive dump. It will ask you for a place to save the file & then it can take up to 15 minutes to pull the file.  I will send you a private message so that you can email me that file to review.  

Also you stated that you have a dell server I wanted to know which model you had as well as the controller card Drivers that the TL connects to is using.

Let us know if have any other questions.

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