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3630 Tower BIOS update fail

Not sure what the secret sauce is, please advise.

As per DELL Instructions:

1. Copy the downloaded file to a USB drive. The USB drive does not need to be bootable device. (its not)
2. Insert the USB drive into any USB port. (Tried front and back ports..all of them)
3. Power on the system. (done)
4. At the DELL logo screen, press F12 to access the one-time boot menu. (yup)
5. Select BIOS Flash Update in the Other Options section. (Yup)
6. Click the ... button to browse the USB drive to locate the downloaded file. (OK..browsing)
7. Select the file and click Ok. (only option is FSO)

Stalled here!!

8. Verify the existing system BIOS information and the BIOS update information.
9. Click Begin Flash Update.
10. Review the Warning message and click Yes to proceed with the update.
The system restarts and displays a progress bar at the Dell logo screen. The system restarts again when the update is complete.


When I click on ... the ONLY choice is FSO (whatever that means) There is NO USB device listed period.

USB is formatted NTFS, does it need to be Fat32?


Edit: update, apparently cannot be Fat32. If it is, when I try and copy BIOS File (BIOS_IMG.rcv) I throws an error: file has properties that can't be copied.

So..still in limbo. Unable to update bios using F12 prior to FIRST BOOT of OS.






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