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T1700 Bios update

After updating the bios to release A24 (fix for meltdown en spectre) Windows 10 reports WHEA errors (parity)

Is it possible to downgrade the bios? or will there be a new release.

System also is unstable, hick up and short hang.



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I had similar, milder, issues with Precision T5810s running RHEL7, which started giving Machine check events with BIOS A24. I note that as of today, BIOS revision A24 is no longer available from the Dell support site, which has reverted to offering the previous BIOS revision as the latest. Presumably A24 has been yanked due to problems,.


There's no update on


Downgrading is (potentially) possible according to

which at time of writing is still linking to the deleted A24 BIOS. So who knows if we are supposed to downgrade our BIOS versions, or wait for a fixed version of the fix...




When I saw that A24 had been removed, I downloaded A23 and reflashed without an issue.

I wish Dell would tell us what was going on.

It is rather disconcerting when you find that a BIOS you installed and which was listed as important, I believe, is then removed without warning or explanation.


I noticed this morning that A25 had been released. I downloaded it and installed it successfully.

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