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Black Screen on Precision 7530

Hi there!

I have multiple issues with my Precision 7530 on Windows 10, which is equipped with a nvidia quadro p3200 (together with a intel uhd 630) .
Its more often that i cannot resume from suspend than it works.

When i open the lid after my machine was in sleep mode it often turns black right away. The machine itself is running, but i can't see a thing.

Connecting a external monitor to hdmi works, i get an image then. As super annoying workaround i push the powerbutton again, wait until it goes to sleep again. Wake it up again: Screen working, i get an image.
(The FN-hotkey to switch displays as well as windows+p isn't though.)

I`ve updated the OS, i`ve updated every driver and firmware. (Using dell website, support assist and dell update.)
I ran:

- sfc /scannow
   - results: all files are fine: "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."
- chkdsk /F /R C:
   - results: filesystem is fine

Operating System is Windows 10 Pro 1903.

Please help, its driving me crazy that my machine isn't working every time i pull it out and open it.


Kind regards

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I have the same laptop and this is what fixed the problem: enter BIOS (press F2 after powering on), look for Video - Switchable Graphics Optimus then turn it off (uncheck).

No more black screen after waking up from sleep. Problem solved !


P.S: credit to this answer

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This has been plaguing me for sometime. I have two precisions. One at home and one at work. If I bring my work laptop home, I get the same behavior. The difference is that I have different monitors as home (cheaper ones not made by Dell). It seems the monitors draw too much power and something akin to a circuit breaker goes off.

For now, I can get the laptop screen back on by disconnecting all devices to include the power cord, shutting down, then powering back up.

Good luck! 

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