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Dell Audio "MAXXaudio Pro" Is non functional over HDMI or Display Port - M7510

I have noticed that the MAXX audio tab in the Dell Audio Utility is greyed out in its entirety if my primary audio out source is an HDMI cable from the laptop, or via a Display Port from the Eport Plus II dock.

Ideally I'd like to use my monitor as the interconnect to my amplifier, as I have multiple devices routed to a single main display (since it also supports multiple side by side inputs) and it cycles the audio it outputs based on primary input.

Do the MAXXaudio profiles only apply to the onboard DAC that outputs to the headphone jacks? it seems odd that it would not apply a system wide EQ for a workstation, to remove the onboard DAC from the loop to reduce any interference from the rest of the system allowing an external DAC.

I can find no literature for any reason why this is not functional on Dell or Waves websites, unless my key term searches are flawed.

Also have dug around in the registry and cannot find any sort of switch to allow MAXX profiles to pass through digital outputs.

Display port 1 is enabled in the bios for the intel GPU, though the audio setting remain the same if you force the Quadro card to handle all digital display/audio out.


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