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Dell precision m4800 hdd storage limit

Hey guys! i currently own a m4800 (i7 4940mx, qhd display) and i'm doing some upgrades to it, i wanted to know if it's possible to put a 4tb 2.5 hdd using a caddy in the optical bay slot (in the main storage bay i have a 500gb ssd), i don't know if there is a "storage capacity limit" or something like that so i wanted to know before buy the stuff i need.




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Re: Dell precision m4800 hdd storage limit

@Bulwyf great question!

Having a look at the specifications for the system, I can't see anything that says there is a limit for the storage size based on the chipset or the board technology. My materials from product introduction date of 2013 indicate the maximum storage supported is 1TB.

At 2013 that will have been accurate, however having checked our parts availability we offer a 2TB 5.4K 2.5" drive for the system. I can't guarantee that the 4TB drive will work in the system, however 2TB will work.

My suggestion would be to ensure you are running the latest BIOS, chipset, IRST drivers etc on the system if you do intend to try it. 

The part number you require for the caddy is HFJKD

Hopefully someone else can add to thread and confirm my suggestion.


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