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Major Dell Docks flaw (WD15 + WD19)

On Precision 5510, 20, and 30s that are connected to WD15 and WD19 docks have a major problem. When you undock all USB goes down, even if you re-dock. You have to restart the laptop for the USB to work again. 

I'm 99% sure the issue is from the Realtek drivers that are associated with the dock. For the WD15's they released an update that fixed this issue. Now the problem is back with the WD19 models. I'm gonna try to uninstall these drivers to see what happens. I see a lot of people have had the same issue but there's no actual fix.

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Re: Major Dell Docks flaw (WD15 + WD19)

@rossetti-it thanks for reaching out to the community. From my experience, the majority of docking station issues are related to drivers or incorrect installation order.

As this issue is affecting multiple different models that would back up my theory.

You have said that you you lose USB functionality -am I correct in understanding this is on the laptops that you lose the functionality?

What model of WD19 dock is it that you are having the problems with - is it the TB or the DC?

Has this problem always been present?

Are you running the latest BIOS, Windows version and drivers on the systems affected?


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