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Ordered the New Precision 5540. Received a product that was not as advertised

Hi DELL Workstation Experts 

I originally posted on the customer care section of the forum on 29th Sept about how DELL has delivered a us a  wrong product when we ordered the New Precision 5540. This was the response I actually received from the DELL Cares team. " I am afraid, our assistance on commercial system orders are limited. Request you to post your message on the commercial board & our experts there will be able to assist you further." 



The webcam is located at the bottom and not at the top as advertised. I don't see how such an error could have been made since it was made to order and you guys are supposed to deliver business enterprise solutions which don't come cheap. I am really appalled by how DELL has conveniently swapped an older feature of the 5530 in our order. Either that or DELL is now committing false marketing 

It has been over a week since I got in touch with customer service. They are telling me that they are awaiting approval from your side. I am really disappointed in how things are going currently on having a replacement unit  shipped to us. 





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