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Precision 7520 Touchpad NOT working with Windows Server 2016

We understand that the Precision 7520 does not officially support Windows Server 2016, however being a 'workstation' level product I feel it should.

After installing Windows Server 2016 and all relevant Microsoft and Dell drivers/updates, almost everything works with the exception of the Thunderbolt and Touchpad. While the Thunderbolt is not important for us, the touchpad is.

The touchpad drivers appear to install however the touchpad and trackpoint remain inoperative. Has anyone had any success in getting the touchpad operational with Server 2016? And if so what did you do to make it functional? Hopefully our developers don't have to carry around a mouse all day.

Thanks - other than this issue, thus far the laptop is great.



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Same issue with Windows 2012 R2 on Precision 7520: No Thunderbolt or Touch-pad function. Windows 2012 R2 on Precision 7520: Add no WiFi or Bluetooth Can we use Win8 drivers for WinServer2012R2 and use Win10 drivers for WinServer2016? Why doesn't Dell support Server OS?

Dell DOES support Server - on Servers.  It does not support it on notebooks (neither does Microsoft).

Server OS are designed for 24/7/365 operation.  Notebook computers are not.


Having the word 'server' in the OS does not mean there are no valid use cases for installing 'server OSs' on laptops or desktops.

There are those of us who are either solutions architects, enterprise admins, tech instructors and/or full-stack developers as well as some of us who are constantly mobile across countries and even continents, and we need additional capabilities to meet client demands. In addition certain applications/systems we design are intended to, and only run on Windows Server. In certain instances remoting to actual server class hardware is a viable option but unfortunately it is not always possible nor feasible to do so.

My purpose here is not to be argumentative in any way, but rather elucidate that there are indeed valid justifiable use cases for running Windows Server on laptops and desktops, and while we may be perhaps in the minority, we do exist. The intent of this forum (or at least my thread) is to open a dialog with Dell and the community regarding solutions which may help us do our job. From my perspective and experience, making the touchpad function for server 2016 should not be a overly arduous effort and as such should be on Dell's to-do list for this laptop.


I also have a need for the touch pad driver for windows server 2016.  Because we use our laptop servers for Emergency Disasters; I dont stand up rack and bolt it to the dirt at a fire, tote along a UPS and tie to a generator just so we can have a Server in the woods.This needs to be Mobile and if I figure out how to hack an existing driver I will send it your way..Fellow Sympathizer. Good luck to you!



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