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Precision 7540 / 7740 Mobile Workstation connectivity issue with Cisco Aironet 2802I Access Points

Just an FYI that every Precision 7540 and 7740 Mobile Workstation that we have readied for deployment has connectivity issues (dropped connections, Wi-Fi card turns off, etc.) with our Cisco Aironet 2802I Access Points when imaged with the latest Dell / Intel Wi-Fi Driver Version, A02.  Each Workstation uses the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi Card.  During troubleshooting, we downgraded to every previous version on Dell's Support site and encountered identical problems with them all.

In checking with our Networking Team we discovered that all of these Access Points have an older Firmware Revision, and I cannot say that an update to newer Firmware would not resolve the issue.  However, the resolution that I found, without the Firmware update to the Access Points, was to download and install Intel's Windows® 10 Wi-Fi Drivers for Intel® Wireless Adapters Version 21.40.2 from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29082/Windows-10-Wi-Fi-Drivers-for-Intel-Wireless-Adapters... We tested approximately 7 of these machines and none failed using this driver.

Here's hoping Dell has a fix via an updated driver on their Support Site soon, and the Dell Command Update utility will install it by default.

Just curious, anyone else seeing this issue?

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