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Dell v313w Printer

Having the same problem with IE11 & V313w printer queue wont clear for multiple prints.Have to close all programs & restart computer to clear spooler & queue in order to print 2nd copy.I deleted IE11 like everyone else & problem was solved as far as I thought,but a very knowledgeable source told me reverting back to IE10 is not safe. Microsoft needs IE11 to update the latest virus protection  for Windows. So I reinstalled IE11 which I don't even use & printer problem came back.I was told by this source to either install Windows 10 w/Edge browser,find a fix online from Dell or MS for this problem or buy another printer & install its software.I guarantee you if I do that it won't be a Dell printer.Does anyone have any ideas that worked for them?

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RE: Dell v313w Printer


You can still use Internet Explorer11, just turn off the balloon tips for the printer.

Start, control panel, devices and printer, your printer, printing preferences, advanced, more options. Tell it to never show. The problem with this setting is you cannot tell if you're low on ink, printer jams, Etc.



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