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Dell "Support Assist

I have similar problems as others in this thread. DSA tells me I need 5 drivers if using the "online version" on the Dell support website. It also tells me I need to replace the HD?

If I use the DSA installed on my machine (E6520) I get no such error but the HD scan hangs at 84%, and the machine locks up.

Interestingly, I have run DSA regularly since I've owned the machine (2012?) only to discover yesterday that my BIOS was running Ver. 7 when it should be running version 22! I know I've updated the BIOS at least twice since owning the machine, so why was it running a version from 2011?

Its abundantly clear that DSA is unreliable and I will uninstall it and depend on other software to determine the health of my Dell. Very disappointed with Dell! 

In the next room (our guest bedroom) I currently have a Lenovo W500 (2008 vintage?) running Windows 7 Pro and it somehow just keeps ticking. I will have to replace the Lenovo and this E6520 as; one, the Lenovo, is marginal for upgrading to W10 and ;two, I have no idea what condition this E6520 is in?

I'll be buying two new machines. Guess I'll go with Lenovos?

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