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I noticed this consuming 18000 menory and wondered if this is Dells's data safe backup.

I never use it as I use Acronis so wondered if there was a way to reduce the consumption by disabling the program.

I don't think removing is a good idea as it may damage something else -or not?

Thank you

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Re: Toaster.exe

A google search for "toaster.exe" does not show anything.  If that is the correct name, it may be malware/spyware and in that case run a complete spyware scan as a first step.

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Re: Toaster.exe

This process belongs to Dell DataSafe Local Backup.
* Open the control panel
* Double click on the Administrative Tools
* Double click on the Services
* Scroll down and find the SoftThinks Agent Service
* Change the startup type to Disabled
* Click OK
* Restart your computer

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Re: Toaster.exe

i actually got lots of results for that toaster.exe and they mainly associate it with A.O.L......toaster.exe is a process from AOL. It can be found in the location of C:\Program

Files\wanadoo. toaster.exe is a potential security risk which can be modified

maliciously by virus. toaster.exe virus should be disabled and removed if it

was attacked and brought you toaster.exe error.

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Re: Toaster.exe

I did what you stated to do in your message regarding the toaster.exe   It didn't stop the process of it coming up every time I start the computer.  I rechecked and the service SoftThinks Agent Service is disabled.  Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks, Karen71262

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Re: Toaster.exe

Hi Karen71262,

You may perform a clean boot to remove the unnecessary programs from the start up and services. For more information on this, you can refer to link: http://bit.ly/Vi0QXe  

If the issue persists, you may uninstall the Dell Datasafe local from the control panel. For more information on this, you may refer to video: http://bit.ly/139T73B 

You may download and re-install the same compatible with windows Vista and Windows 7 from the link below: http://bit.ly/jmNmZt 

Please share the findings.

Thanks and regards,
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RE: Toaster.exe

This is a non-answer.  Is TOASTER.EXE a part of the Dell Backup that is required or is it junkware?  Yes or No.  Removing it depends on the answer to the first question.

Thank you.

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RE: Toaster.exe

100%, I know FOR SURE, toaster.exe IS ABSOLUTELY in Dell BackUp and Recovery.  DBAR really messes up Dell Computers propriety version of Microsoft Windows/Dell Operating Systems.  You need a super uninstaller; you also have to get rid of Soft Thinks (also Dell's).  Doing these things will completely corrupt the tray, the tray cache, the tray icons--hidden and NOT hidden.  Then you will need to get a batch file program (from a reliable source--such as Seven Forums, Eight Forums, etc.--); download this batch file and run it.  I had to pay a very savvy technical support person to do all of this.  After getting rid of all of this Dell stuff--my computer has been running, PERFECTLY.  YOU can never get rid of every reference, appearance, etc. of toaster.exe unless and until you do ALL of these things.

FWIW--I saw all the references on my own  very extensive research all over the internet about toaster.exe.  It is NOT malware, virus, has nothing to do with AOL ( have never had and still do NOT have AOL anything).

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