Re: DFM certification for Cisco CGR 1240 device

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response.

We tried with the above certification provided in the above thread and with this certification DFM is able to discover both power supply and temperature sensor components.

But now Memory component is missing in Detailed Device View page.

Attaching the screen shot for the same


Also i verified in cisco-mds-health.asl file they are creating the memory using below logic


    local memoryIndex;

    local memoryUtilization;

    cseSysMemoryUtilizationOID "." memoryIndex:integer fs memoryUtilization:integer fs

} do {

    if (DEBUG) {

        print(me.": MEMORY: ".nodeObj->DisplayName);

        print("    .[".memoryIndex."] = ".



    memObj = nodeObj->makeMemory(string(memoryIndex));



And oid represents "ciscoSystemExtMIB" mib and for this CGR 1240 device there is no support available for this particular mib.

Please help on this.



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Re: DFM certification for Cisco CGR 1240 device

Hi Neelima,

As mentioned previously, this device is not officially supported, so this attempt to create a field certification is best effort only. As we have been unable to get all elements discovered and monitored correctly by using various combinations of drivers in the field certification, you will need to open a request to get this device officially supported.

Please see KB article below for details on how you can open a TASC request with the certification team (without opening an SR):

Alternatively, you can open an SR and we will open the TASC request for you.


Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke

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