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Cannot upgrade TB16

I buyed a new XPS 15 9570 and the TB16 Docking station to attach 3 monitors.

Unfortunately, I only get 2 of them working. No matter how I connect them.

So I read that the TB16 Firmware can be upgraded to fix some issues. But the Upgrade always fails at "Dock NVM" and "Cable NVM".

The log file says:


---- Firmware Update Status ----
Thunderbolt Dock Firmware Update failed
Executing: C:\Users\Vince\AppData\Local\Temp\Dell\FWUpdateCmd.exe UpCable C:\Users\Vince\AppData\Local\Temp\Dell\Cable.bin
WindowsDriversFirmwareUpdate returns : 0x102)

---- Firmware Update Status ----
Thunderbolt Cable Firmware Update failed
WindowsDriversFirmwareUpdate Status Code: 0x1000a)

Windows is freshly installed with all the latest updates.

What can I do now?

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