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Dell Dimension 2400 Internal HDD Replacement Needed

I need to replace my internal 80GB HDD in my Dell Dimension 2400. I would be most grateful if someone could recommend a 120GB replacement drive (or a higher-capacity drive if the Dell Dimension 2400 will support internal HDDs with a capacity greater than 120GB - I have heard they don't.


Many Thanks


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Re: Dell Dimension 2400 Internal HDD Replacement Needed

I've seen 500G drives work fine in these - larger will work as well, but the limiting factor will be the interface.  Most larger drives are now serial ATA, while you need parallel for this system.

If you want a good, solid drive look at the WD Caviar Blue drives.


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Re: Dell Dimension 2400 Internal HDD Replacement Needed

Hello xpabl0b,

I did some searching and I believe the HDD capacity limit for your system is 160GB. One issue you will likely come accross is that IDE drives are becomming harder to find. Sata 300 (3GBits/s) is the defacto standard these days and Sata 600 (6GBits/s) for Solid State Drives (SSD's) is entering the market.

My suggestion to you is upgrade to Sata. In order to do this you will need to buy an PCI-Sata controller card in addition to a Sata drive. The main advantage is a major increase in HDD capacity, up to 2.5 Terabytes for a single HDD.

(I hope I'm not violating forum policy here....) I searched newegg and found the following:
1) Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAJS 320GB HDD for under $50.
2) Syba SY-VIA-150 PCI-SATA Controller card for less than $15.This controller card reportedly will coexist with your onboard IDE controller.

Also, be sure to search other reputable distributors to compare price and shipping.

If you go this route and need assistance, post on this thread and I will gladly lend a hand.

The Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJB 160GB (for direct replacement of your current HDD) can be had at Newegg for less than $45.


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