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Malfunctioning Hardware

I have a Dell Inspiron bought new in 2012.  Unfortunately, the DVD drive has never worked.  It doesn't acknowledge discs whatsoever when they're inserted.  I have tried the several fix ideas on the Dell website, and it appears not to be a software situation, but a hardware malfunction.

I think I need a new DVD sent to me but haven't been able to speak with anyone from Dell about replacing it.  Suggestions?

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RE: Malfunctioning Hardware

Is the drive enabled and recognized in the BIOS Setup (F2)?  Does the drive work OUTSIDE of the OS (can you boot to a CD/DVD)?  If the drive is not seen in the BIOS or does not work outside of Windows, then call Dell for a replacement if still under warranty.  If out of warranty, you can get replacements for as little as $25-30.

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