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Unable to format Dell USB


When I got my alienware 17 in the box they give me a USB key with softwares on it, after I used them I want to format but I can't because there is a write only feature.

thank's in advance.

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The procedures mentioned above didn't work on the latest sticks, but the following did like a charm. absolutely brilliant.

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As for removing write protection from USB, you can try the following methods:

1. Check the write protection switch if available

Some USB flash drives have a physical switch which allows you to lock or unlock write protection. The location of a switch on a USB flash drive will be different. Make sure the lock switch is slid up to unlock position. 

2. Clear read-only attributes with DiskPart utility

2.1. Press Windows key + R combination on your keyboard. In the pop-up Run dialog box, type diskpart and hit Enter or click "OK" to open the DiskPart Command Prompt.

2.2. Type the following commands one by one and hit Enter after each:

list disk - all of the disks connected to the computer will be displayed, including internal hard drives.

select disk n - where n is the number of USB flash drive. You can use the Size column to identify which one it is.

attributes disk clear readonly - change your USB's properties so that it is no longer read-only.

2.3. Close DiskPart Command Prompt and re-plug your USB flash drive to check if the write protection error is resolved. 

3. format the usb

If you've tried all steps above and still can't remove the write protection from USB drive, you may need to format the USB. The problem is how to format a write-protection USB? You can do this via a professional disk formatting tool. It can directly format it even when the USB is write protected. Much easier and simpler than other methods.


Tks!! I used is works!!


VirusTotal flagged disk formatting tool

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