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SupportAssist - installation failed message.

When opening SA today I was greeted with an update prompt. I went along with the update, however, it went no further than "downloading and starting up files", at which point the percentage bar went up to 100%, then gave me the error: "Installation failed - We were unable to complete the installation. Please reboot your PC and try again".

I rebooted my PC and tried to update the application twice to no avail. I then tried to uninstall and reinstall SA, and the installer had the same issue - it gave me the same error message as the one that the application gave. 

Screenshot 2022-06-23 115828.pngI tried following this solution posted by @XPS_Man, which included deleting some dell files and registry keys, to no use, unfortunately.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue or perhaps a possible solution?

All help is appreciated. 


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Looking at the event viewer and in reliability monitor, the installer would give error return code 1603. According to Microsoft, this error code means "A fatal error occurred during installation", i.e the installation of supportassist.

Looking at the installer logs at C:\ProgramData\Dell\SupportAssist\Agent\logs\installer\installer.txt, it also gives that error and a very vague response - "Some error occurred when upgrading MSI support assist". 

Pointing this out as a possible symptom of the issue. 


This solved my issue. thanks


Yeah just in the Applications event log.   

Sorry for the delay replying - the site only just sent me a notification because someone else mentioned me


See my earlier post about having the right version of DotNet installed.  Maybe that will work for you too (there seems to be 2 different issues with the same result).

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Hi all,

If you're having installation issues please start a chat on the Get Help Now widget at the end of the page.


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Dell TechHub replaces Dell Hardware Scan service and is needed to run the Hardware Scan panel

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Unfortunately this is not the case for several with this problem. I have the correct DotNet installed and still get the error on both my systems. So will wait for a fix from dell. They are supposed to work on a solution.

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You're right about that one, that there seem to be two issues with SA that give off the same result. One has to do with NET runtime, while the other has to do with another error that I and many of the people who've encountered this issue don't know about. On the bright side, Dell is working on fixing this. 


I tried installing the latest version of .Net Framework directly from Microsoft. During installation, I got a message that Version 4.8 or later was already installed on my PC. Therefore, .Net installation did not continue.


I was unable to update or install SupportAssist since June 26, 2022. Dell Support contacted me via private message and suggested the following solution, which worked for me:

After I did that, I was able to successfully install SupportAssist manually using SupportAssistInstaller.exe, which I had previously downloaded.

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