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Thin pool questions

Easy question, I hope. What the best practice for thin pool on how many to have? I have 3 tiers so I assume I need at least three thin pools. Do you segregate by application type? Create them based off of your disk pools? Any other way?

Current environment.

Tier 1: 300GB FC R1 – 1 disk group

Tier 2: 600GB FC R5 3+1 – 2 disk groups

Tier 3: 2TB SATA R6 – 1 disk group

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Re: Thin pool questions

we are creating based on disk type, EFD (R5) , FC ( R5)  and SATA (R6)

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Re: Thin pool questions

Hi Hank D,

Logically Speaking EMC terminology follows

1) Flash Drive - Tier 1

2) FC Drive - Tier 2

3) SATA Drive - Tier 3

Whatever you have & you have created is very much logical…

If drives are of same INTERFACE & SAME CAPACITY then you can consider RPM in future


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