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remove old symclone source > target pairing

hi, i am trying to clean up some old device pairing for snaps/clones that are no longer needed. i have ran the 'symdg list', there are no device groups allocated from the vmax. below is a list from 'symclone list' command. i understand the devices that are "copyonwrite" as it is being used by our oracle team and created from their system via CLI. what i am attempting to do is to remove the other device pairings. could someone possibly tell me the steps needed to get those device pairings removed?

this is on a VMAX 40K (if that matters)

thank you. j

  Source Device       Target Device     Status

------------------------- ---------------------- -------------

Sym         TracksSym           CGDP SRC <=> TGT

------------------------- ---------------------- -------------

24D0         20383849 2677          V... CopyOnWrite
24DA         20039635 2681          V... CopyOnWrite
2A48         20443491 2A52          V... CopyOnWrite
2519                0 2A84          X.X. Copied
24FB                0 2A88          X.X. Copied
22B6                0 2AC2          X.X. Copied
22CB                0 2AD7          X.X. Copied
22A1                0 2AEC          X.X. Copied
226D                0 2B40          X.X. Copied
222F                0 2B5F          X.X. Copied
224E                0 2B7E          X.X. Copied
25FF                0 2BFA          X.X. Copied
2609                0 2C04          X.X. Copied
2627                0 2C0E          X.X. Copied
2645                0 2C18          X.X. Copied
25E1                0 2C22          X.X. Copied
264F                0 2C2C          X.X. Copied
25EB                0 2C36          X.X. Copied
2613                0 2C40          X.X. Copied
2659                0 2C4A          X.X. Copied
25F5                0 2C54          X.X. Copied
261D                0 2C5E          X.X. Copied
263B                0 2C68          X.X. Copied
24EE                0 2CEA          X.X. Copied
2533                0 2CF2          X.X. Copied
252D                0 2CF8          X.X. Copied
2663                0 2D0A          X.X. Copied
2578                0 2D1E          X.X. Copied
2540                0 2D20          X.X. Copied
2542                0 2D22          X.X. Copied
25D6                0 2D4A          X.X. Copied
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Re: remove old symclone source > target pairing

The CopyOnWrite sessions might be VP Snaps (aka Clone VSE) since there is a V in the first flag column.

As for trying to blow away the other sessions, it really should be a simple "symclone terminate" command. You may need to check if they are all already I n a DG and terminate with the -g option, or create a new DG, or create a new file and use -f option.

But I would be also concerned with making sure who ever created the sessions is done with them


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Re: remove old symclone source > target pairing

Hi Guys,

I have Similar Problem in my environment, I have few Source luns that are Paired to Target Luns.

The Problem is few pairs are in Recreated state and other pairs are in Copied state. Is this Normal?

My Colleague is asking to change few pairs to Recreate state from copied state.

What is Copied state and recreated state means? Kindly help me with this issue . Thank you.



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Re: remove old symclone source > target pairing

Okay, so I had the same problem and after consulting with support, here's what I did.  Create a text file with the source and target pairs in a list like so:

<source>        <target>

<source2>      <target2>

I named my file pairs.txt and saved it into the folder where I was running the commands.

using symcli, run this command:

symclone -sid <symmetrix ID> -f pairs.txt terminate.