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Nagios plugin with M630


I just setup the Dell Nagios Plugin to monitor my new M630 servers. I'm running it on Debian 6, with Nagios 3.5.1. I setup racadm utility, openwsm, and all the needed requirements. 

Most of the check are okay, unless some of them are returning :

Component Information = UNKNOWN 

For example, the Dell Server Fan Status is setup like this : 

define service{
use Dell Device Component Status
host_name xxxxxx
service_description Dell Server Fan Status 
check_command check_dell_oob_server_component_snmp! "/usr/local/nagios/etc/xx/xxxxxx.cfg"! fan

Any idea ?

Also, is it possible to return performance data with these checks ? 



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RE: Nagios plugin with M630

Hi Davy,

Could you please let us know the following information:

  • What is the version of the Dell Nagios Plug-in that you are using?
  • Could you please specify the key performance data that you need and also for how much duration you need? 



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