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Dell Streak 7 - charge in car but not mains!

I thought my Dell Streak 7 was great when I got it as a gift in October 2011.... until in March 2011 it just stopped charging.  After trying it on several mains chargers in the house as well as a charger in the car without any success I called Dellustomer services.  They were great and immediately arranged for my broken model to be picked up and a new one delivered.

However, after just 2 weeks my tablet once again will not chrge using a mains plug!  I have tried several different chargeson numerous plug sockets and nothing works.  The crazy thing is that it works using a car charger!!

This obviously isnt ideal as I cant use it all the time.

Has this happened to anyone else?  If so what did you do?  I guess i am going to have to contact customer services again.

Thanks for your help


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Re: Dell Streak 7 - charge in car but not mains!

I got my ds7 around the same time and have never have any charging issue. I charge mine every day, sometimes twice a day. There a several thread on this forum about charging problem. You should read them,  there are some very good suggestions on resolving this problem.

One advice to all electronic owner,  when you charge your device, make sure you plug the cable into your device BEFORE you plug it into the outlet. This will prevent the surge of electricity from sparkling the electrical housing of the device. This spark may be small and might not be visible, but over time it will loosen the solders and or damage the housing. This happened to my laptop and the repair tech had to resolder the electrical housing where the power plugs in.  Hopefully this help prevent future problem.

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