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Fail safe network in Unity

Wanted to check if this second fail safe network configuration is possible in below case

We have two I/O modules 4 port on SPA and 4 Port on SPB

Ports 0 and 2 are connected to Switch A  from SPA and SPB

Ports 1 and 3 are connected to Switch B from SPA and SPB

LACP config

LACP1 ---> 2 ports SPA0 SPA2

LACP2 ---> 2 Ports SPB0 SPB2

LACP3-->2 ports on SP1 SPA 3

LACP4 ---> 2 ports SPB1 SPB 3

In below article found this line .

"When configuring FSN, ensure the same ports are cabled on both SPs. This is necessary because in case of SP failover, the peer SP uses the same ports. If the cabling does not match, communication issues may occur." Wanted to know if Fail safe FSN1 with LACP2 and LACP4 would work

Failsafe config

Lets say FSNO ----LACP1 and LACP3 . Can we create Failsafe say FSN1 another one for LACP2 and LACP4 ?

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Re: Fail safe network in Unity

the FSN combination would need have participation from both the components what would facilitate HA.

with the proposed LACP the FSN combination would be LACP1+LACP2 &  the second set would be LACP3+LACP4.

you failsafe config does not meet "both SPs" as both LACPs only have either SPA or SPB.

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