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Unisphere Events/Alarms to symevent / storevntd?

Hello -

I am currently working on getting my VMAX systems monitored using a CA UIM VMAX probe as an alternative to SNMP traps.

The probe can query the output of "symevent list" commands and alert on symmetrix events.  I understand how to configure these events in the daemon_options file but I am getting confused as to how the alerts configured inside Unisphere for VMAX interact with the symevent output, if at all.

We have several Solutions Enabler and Unisphere for VMAX instances, all running 8.4.x.  In Unisphere for VMAX we have a number of alerts set up in the generic categories as well as the Performance Policies section.  My hope was that the events which are viewable in Unisphere (in the Alerts area) would also be output by symevent list commands such that the CA probe could send alerts to our system based on the Unisphere configuration.

Right now it seems like the alerts as are seen/configured in Unisphere can be seen in Unisphere, emailed, or sent via SNMP but the only way to get events output by the symevent command is to configure them separately using the daemon_options which could potentially lead to some confusion having to make sure both configurations (Unisphere and the daemon) are in sync with each other.

Is it possible to have the output of symevent mirror the list of alerts as is seen in Unishpere?

If not I may just rely on SNMP since I know the events which trigger traps can be fully configured from inside Unisphere.

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Re: Unisphere Events/Alarms to symevent / storevntd?

It is either SE or U4VMAX, not seen a mix of those.

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Re: Unisphere Events/Alarms to symevent / storevntd?

they are configured and worked separately.