VM migration between data centers

We are migrating VMware environments between data centers. Customer asked for VM granularity for that, so storage tools are probably out.

Each data center is under its own vCenter.

What option do I have if customer wants (of course) minimum downtime.

Moving VMs between different platforms:


Moving VMs without layer 2:


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Re: VM migration between data centers

You could try vSphere Replication to replicate the VM's to the other datacenter. An alternative within the EMC portfolio is RecoverPoint for VM's.

It kinda depends on the maximum allowed downtime or if you need synchronous replication (if the lines allow it).

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Re: VM migration between data centers

Does the customer have L2 networking stretched between data centers, or do the VMs require a new IP address when migrated. Some customers have used VMware SRM as a migration tool (with a replication product) to handle the IP changes in an automated fashion. There have been some customer sessions at VMworld on this topic.

If you could put the data centers under a single vCenter, L2 is stretched, and the latency is low enough you could use a "shared nothing" enhanced vMotion to migrate.

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Re: VM migration between data centers

Another option around the SRM model, would be to use the new RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines.  I'd say it could be more flexible than SRM, as it can be done per VM, and regardless of datastore type...



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