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Change iscsi IPs EMC VNX 5400

I will be moving VNX to another subnet and need to know how to change existing iscsi IP addresses. The storage has four multi-paths with two subnets. I see that we can change the IP by going into the properties (Expand Enclosure SPE > Expand SPs > Expand the required SP (SPA or SPB) > Expand IO Modules > Expand the required slot > Right-click the required port and click Properties)
Is it the recommended way of doing? I found a document on how to change SPs IP, but not the iscsi.

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Hello mutthu,

Here is the link to EMC my documents where you can generate a document that will tell you how to change your iSCSI ip’s.  You will want to click on the attach a server & fill out the information so that it can create your document for you.  You will need to have an EMC login so that you can access the link.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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