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Move VNXe 3200 Management IP to other Storage Processor

Hi there.

How do i take influence on which SP the "Management Service" will start on a VNXe 3200 or how do i move it to the other SP?

And what will happen if the current "Management SP" loses management network connection, will the service restart or move to the other SP?


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Re: Move VNXe 3200 Management IP to other Storage Processor

Hi Alex,

To identify which processor the management IP is running.

Settings >> Service System (enter service password) and check which SP is showing as primary below is the example.


Make sure both Storage processor management cable is connected to your network. Management services will failover to the peer SP if the primary SP's management port detects a network disconnection or link down.

Note: Only management failover will not impact any data interruption

How to move management software to other SP:

In this case SPB is primary, physically remove the management cable from SPB wait for 2-3 minutes and connect it back to SPB, once you removed the management cable from SPB will initiate a failover to peer SP(SPA).

Thank you and let me know if you have further query.


Sunil Kumar

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