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Re: Trend micro antivirus

I agree with you Rim Shot. Trend Micro products can not compete with other great security companies. But its better than Microsoft Windows defender. I just to use another software instead of Trend Micro and if insist on using it, Don't worry about windows defender because windows defender is not comparable with even Rend Micro.

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Re: Trend micro antivirus

bestis1980, you have posted to a topic that is over two years old.  Products change over the years.

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Re: Trend micro antivirus

Okay, I realize a two-year old thread has been reopened here.   Nonetheless, I must take exception to one new statement by Bestis:   .

"But it [Trend Micro i]s better than Microsoft Windows defender".

Windows Defender is NOT an antivirus program!   (Microsoft Security Essentials, which includes its own "version" of Windows Defender, IS an antivirus program.)

Defender was/is NOT intended to replace an anti-virus program, rather, it is intended to supplement  "pure" anti-virus programs [well, if there is such a creature nowadays] by adding anti-"malware" protection.    Even today, Defender remains compatible with (i.e., can be run alongside of) many anti-virus programs [though some debate its merits].   For what it's worth, I am running Windows Defender along with Avast5, without experiencing any noticeable slowdowns/conflicts.

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Re: Trend micro antivirus

I agree with ky331.

My experience with Windows Defender in XP/sp3 has been excellent over the past 2 years. It has allowed nothing through, and promptly detects a lot of changes I make. I have never seen any incompatabilty between WD and any of the standalone defenses I use. (AVG will disable it, but then I don't use or recommend AVG, which objects to so many other programs). I have yet to find a better free antispyware program for XP.

A good review of the potential benefits of WD, by a security expert I respect, is here:



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