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Dell Command Update 3.1.2 Automation Question

Hello there everyone, not sure if anyone has tried what I am trying to implement in our work environment. So here is a quick rundown on what I am trying to do. 

  1. Installed the latest DCU 3.1.2 on our workstations
  2. Provide some settings related to Bitlocker and Bios Password during the install of the application
  3. Apply Global Registry Settings post-install of DCU
    1. Reg Setting #1 = Disable Welcome Splash when launching DCU
    2. Reg Setting #2 (Schedule) = -Name "AutomationMode" -Value "ScanDownloadApplyNotify"
    3. Reg Setting #3 (Schedule) = -Name "RebootWait" -Value "Never"
    4. Reg Setting #4 (Schedule) = -Name "ScheduleMode" -Value "Daily"

I have read that by default the Dell DCU running every 3rd day and looks for updates, is this correct? And if the answer to my question is yes, should the configuration that I have shared above, will work as configured?

Appreciate the help and feedback on this?