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Dell KB113P Keyboard and strange characters

Posting this for a friend who has a Dell Inspiron 3847 with Model KB113P keyboard running Windows 10. He phoned me this morning saying he was getting incorrect characters when typing. In particular he was attempting to type a question mark and was getting something completely different. I'm assuming he's somehow changed character sets from the keyboard. Can someone tell me how he can change it back to the Canadian or US default? For now he's using the Windows 10 touch keyboard to type characters he's having trouble with.

Thanks, Mike.

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RE: Dell KB113P Keyboard and strange characters

That more suggests a hardware problem in the keyboard.  Typically when a keyboard goes bad you will get different characters.  

Swapping keyboards with a known good is the first step.  If he doesn't have access to another keyboard maybe you can loan him yours to test.  

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