Microsoft Edge won't work

I bought a Dell XPS 12 2-in-1 laptop. I can't get Microsoft Edge to work. When I click on the 'e' icon on the desktop, it takes me to a blue screen with the 'e' icon in the middle. At the top it says Microsoft Edge, but there is no address field. No other symbols to click on either. I can't get to any web site.

I am connected to the net, since I can get Win 10 updates and on the start screen the news app will take me to the news.

I read the Get Started tutorial, and Dell Support info on the laptop, but it doesn't address my problem.

Any ideas?

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RE: Microsoft Edge won't work

Perfectly Frank,

You can click the link below for information on the Microsoft Edge Address Bar.     

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RE: Microsoft Edge won't work

Thanks for the help offer. But I did get it figured out. Here's what I did...

1. Went to Control Panel / Program Features / Turn Features On and Off…

2. Turned OFF: “Internet Explorer 11”

3. Restarted the system…

After restart

4. Went to Control Panel / Program Features / Turn Features On and Off…

5. Turned ON: “Internet Explorer 11”

6. Restarted system

Edge now works good!

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