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Softthinks Agent Service

How can I reduce the impact that this service has on my Hard Drive?

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This file loads SoftThinks Agent Service, a component of the Dell DataSafe Local Backup utility. Top Recommended Action: You should keep SoftThinks Agent Service if you have a Dell computer with Windows and the Local Backup Utility.

If you do not plan on using the program you could uninstall it and it should remove the Agent as well.



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I saw the reply above and I really think Dell should dig into this and request 3rd party vendor  why this task hogs so much disk time.   I let it run 2.5 hours before it dropped below 100% disk time.  I then put Dell 17R  7720SE in SLEEP mode and immediately woke it up. The task wanted another 2.5 hours of 100% Disk time so I disabled it in Services knowing this is a ridiculous result.  I expect the task compacts the DB&R image but there is no way this task should override all other user tasks for 2.5 hours after every wake-up.  This is a very serious performance  problem to users since I saw over 159,000 hits on this topic at another site. I now enable it for 2.5 hours just before I save the image every 6 months or so but the User should not have this relatively complex problem. This task should run in background at a very low priority or be fixed properly. I have uninstalled and installed DB&R several times so installation error  is not the issue.  Dell has spent millions on other software  for these machines so why destroy I7 performance/reputation  with something so trivial?  By the way, I love my 17R  computer and Dell treated me very very well after this machine had been released a little too early with BIOS/UEFI bugs.

This is not a very good answer. The program places a huge burden on the user and it is not at all obvious what benefit is being gained.

On my machine, the software is from Jan 2016 and so has not been updated in a very long time. Meanwhile, many postings where people see this program responsible for 100% disk usage making the computer very slow or outright not able to be used.

Dell should evaluate this program and see whether it is performing a needed function, and find a way to have that function done with less impact - if so.

 I did a disable, apply, then stop.


So, you said that a Dell software problems should be solved by customer actions? System are all time taking updates, can't you improve this unplacent task at same time? Why should I trust in Dell with this kind of respond

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I agree 100%.  This program makes my computer useless at times.   Just have to wait and let it complete.  Should be a background task that uses less amount of disk usage.   Destroy's the performance of the system.

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Need to improve the performance.  This task takes too much away from the system performance.

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Help me understand why when this program is running everything else becomes unresponsive.. That does not seem like something Dell would wish on their customers.

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Right click the Start button on Windows 10.

Select Computer Management.

Click Services and Applications.

Click Services.

Find Soft Thinks Agent Service in the list and right or left click on it and then click Stop.

Set it to Disabled if you don't want it starting up anymore.  That's what I did! It was majorly killing my performance.

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I did that -- stopped it, and then disabled it.  Problem solved.  And yes, DELL really should fix it!

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